Digitalisation mental health Candesic article

Candesic: One click away from a global market

Technology is a useful tool in mental as well as physical health and providers can pursue a global strategy, argues Candesic’s...Read more
Header Blog Post CRAFT

How CRAFTing positive communication can help addicted family members

‘I’m really going to stop drinking tomorrow!’ Hearing this over and over again can make the related family members...Read more
Header Blog Post Triora

The strength of e-health: ‘going the extra mile for a meaningful life’

Triora’s vision Triora’s vision is to reach out to people whose lives have been thrown out of balance due to addiction....Read more

4 myths debunked: the journey of digital health

Following the development of new technologies, IT adoption in the healthcare systems started to take place from the 1950s...Read more

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When ‘eating clean’ becomes an obsession

Instagram is filled with pictures of perfectly arranged kale smoothies, quinoa salads and dairy free cakes. Eating clean...Read more
Illustration Stress

Running out of gas? Know how to recognize the tipping points of stress

A certain level of stress is inevitable in life. At some point, stress can go from positive to negative. Excessive stress...Read more