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Karify is an eHealth platform that allows clinicians and patients to combine their face to face sessions with complementary online assignments, tailored psychoeducation and safe communication channels.


By implementing online care in your clinic, you will have a more transparent overview of your patient’s progress and stimulate patient engagement. In addition, behavioral change is facilitated through constant feedback, monitoring, and data analysis.


Our development team ensures a safe, reliable and up-to-date treatment environment by using the latest smart technologies.


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Karify Video calling

Video Calling

Easily connect with your patients remotely from your clinic through secure video calling. This enables clinicians and patients to overcome geographic barriers and have valuable face to face conversations.

Karify Messaging


Communicate with your patients and colleagues via an elaborate messaging system on the Karify platform and app. Besides communicating, any files up to 250MB can be exchanged between parties or groups.

Karify Notifications


Be notified whenever patients are actively using the platform and progressing in their treatment. When using the Karify App, a discrete notification will appear when a message has been received.

Karify Thought record

Thought record

This daily task works as a personal diary for the patient throughout the treatment. Here the patients can share their daily thoughts with their respective clinicians.

Karify Success journal

Success journal

Patients can record their daily success and share their results with their respective clinicians.

Karify Mood chart

Mood chart

Patients can keep track of their mood on a regular basis with the use of a simple scale. Both the clinician and the patient are able to see the development of this metric.

Karify Library


An informative environment on the Karify platform, in which clinicians can upload educational content, such as; videos, pictures, documents and audio files for their patients. All patients with access to Karify can view and interact with this content.

Karify Assignments


Assignments can be scheduled by the clinician and should be completed by the patient between face-to-face sessions. Assignments are based on CBT exercises and personalized for the patient.

Karify Treatment feedback

Treatment feedback

Clinicians have the opportunity to provide their patients with insightful feedback throughout their treatment. Feedback can be given on daily tasks and assignment.

Karify Toolbox

Toolbox – Modules

Modules are the core element of the treatment. Depending on the patients diagnosis, the correct treatment module will be assigned to the designated patient. The modules consist of various assignments that patients should follow.

Karify App


With the use of the Karify mobile app, communication between clinician and patient is facilitated. Messages and files can be exchanged in a secure environment.

Karify Registration


Patients can register easily and quickly start their intake program. Time intensive processes are automated and results are directly transferred to the respective administration office of your clinic.

Karify EHR


Using Karify’s API connector, an extension to your clinic’s EHR can be constructed. All data from Karify can be linked with the clinic’s existing information system.

Karify 2FA

2 factor authentication

2FA is implemented in the Karify platform to add another layer of security. Having two authentication processes makes it very difficult for outsiders to gain access to your personal data.

Karify Treatment designer

Treatment designer

Together with Karify, clinicians can design their own treatments for their patients. Clinicians can either digitize their existing treatments or create new ones.