Why Karify?


Karify has the visionary idea of combining personal guidance with online tools to enhance the quality of care.  


Since being founded, Karify is one of the leading organizations in the field of eHealth and integrated online treatment. Currently, Karify is working with 60% of the largest mental healthcare institutions in the Netherlands, making it the national market leader.


On a global scale, Karify enables integrated online treatment to 500+ healthcare organizations and thus supports more than 45,000 patients on a daily basis.

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Monitoring & Tracking

Working with Karify enables you to expand and digitize your clinic, allowing you to provide the necessary care to your clients. Being able to monitor a patient’s progress throughout their treatment enables clinicians to clearly identify patient’s personal traits, establish a closer connection and prepare for face-to-face sessions.

Not only clinicians benefit from this feature, patients can also track their own journey with the use of accurate data and real-time monitoring, which increases patient engagement. By making use of these features, patients are able to view their treatment from a different perspective and enable behavioural change.

Monitoring and tracking enhance the transparency of treatment, as both the clinician and patient are aware of the treatment progress. Ultimately, this allows clinicians to plan the most appropriate assignments to construct a personalized and effective treatment.

Providing Integrated Online Treatment

Digitizing your clinic with Karify gives you the unique opportunity to combine your regular treatment with the Karify platform. Here clinicians and patients can make use of the library and treatment modules. The library offers a safe educational environment in which psychoeducative content can be uploaded by clinicians and accessed by all users. Patients engage with the appropriate content to learn more about their diagnosis.

The treatment modules are designed by our experienced in-house psychologists so that these can complement CBT face-to-face psychotherapy sessions. In addition, clinicians have the opportunity to digitize existing assignments or work together with Karify to create completely new modules, that are customized to fit your clinic and treatment philosophy.

The Karify platform connects all relevant patients and clinicians with one another to facilitate the best possible treatment; from intake to aftercare; -the full cycle-.


Being able to share information and communicate effectively is one of Karify’s pillars and an essential part of treatment. Karify’s platform can be accessed with any mobile device, enabling clinicians and patients to follow treatment and communicate with one another at any time, at any place.

Besides the regular face-to-face session, video calls can be scheduled between clinicians and patients through the Karify platform. Communication and information sharing is also encouraged through the Karify Apps. Two messaging Apps have been developed; one for clinicians and one for patients. In both apps, various types of medias such as; documents, videos and other files can be shared with clinicians, colleagues or groups.

At Karify, communication is a key pillar that facilities effective and successful treatment.