Why Karify?

Our vision: digital care support is the new standard

The general health approach is changing and asks for effective, improved quality of care solutions. Your patiënt is at the core of our company: we believe everyone has to get access to appropriate treatment. Digital solutions can provide your patients with meaningful access to health services, contributing to their journey of recovering. Reduce costs, improve the quality of your care and increase patient value.


Integrated care: digital + face-to-face 

This is why we started our company: to increase accessibility and treatment plan completion, and decrease dropouts and relapse, with the integration of digital health solutions. All with a clear purpose: to make you, and your patients happy.




Using digital technology will improve the quality of care. Your patients will be able to reach education and counselling services through Karify anytime, anywhere and on any device: our platform is available 24/7. We help you save both time and money by facilitating effective and efficient treatment. Research has shown that you will save up to 30 minutes of each therapy session. Treat more patients for less. 




Security is high on our agenda: we adhere to all the European regulations. This means our platform is fully secure, so with Karify, you are ensured of safe communication with your patients. Exchange medical information with your colleagues, collaborate on a case and send secure emails one-on-one or in groups. Increased privacy and anonymity also encourage the more personal expression of your patients. Read more on our security specs on the ‘Security and Privacy’ page.




Our programs help you guide your patients in their journey to achieve mental and physical well-being. We collaborated with partners from medical and academic institutions to develop effective, interactive, user-friendly content. This can be accessed easily through our platform, with all kinds of online assessments, diaries and exercises. You can choose more than 30 programs about multiple mental health challenges, ranging from depression to burnout.

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