The strength of e-health: ‘going the extra mile for a meaningful life’

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Triora’s vision

Triora’s vision is to reach out to people whose lives have been thrown out of balance due to addiction. Originating in the Netherlands, Triora is expanding its highly successful addiction treatment abroad and now has private addiction clinics in Spain. Treatment is provided in both English and Spanish to international patients from a variety of countries, and from around Europe and the UK in particular. Triora helps those suffering from an addiction or addictive behaviour to regain control and become fully abstinent. The focus is on working together with patients, addressing every patient’s individual needs: the patient remains central.

To live up to the promise that patients can regain a meaningful life, Triora now also integrates online treatment interventions alongside its private residential addiction care. The digital connection provided through e-health ensures that Triora is available 24/7 worldwide, for both patients and their loved ones.

The added value of e-health

E-health actively contributes to excellent care, as an integral part of Triora’s optimal hospitality concept. This is crucial for Triora’s patient base since patients come from far and wide. It is, therefore, essential that patients can also receive treatment remotely, for example on returning to their professional lives and family after completing a programme of private residential treatment.

“Patients become more autonomous, more empowered and better informed.”

E-health has, therefore, proven essential to Triora in ensuring a smooth and pleasant process for its patients from start to finish. Rather than setting up offices with staff on the ground for intakes around Europe, Triora has chosen instead to focus on running the intake process largely online. This includes, for example, completing forms prior to intake or treatment, conducting self-tests or holding intake interviews by video conferencing. The provision of online e-health has to be seamless in terms of hospitality, content and accessibility. Working with Karify’s e-health platform, Triora has succeeded in providing a high-quality service by which it can guide patients on to following inpatient treatment where needed. Triora’s aim is a 95% conversion rate for online registrations to residential addiction treatment at our clinics in Spain.

E-health for residential patients at Triora’s private clinics

Another added value of e-health is that patients need to take action themselves. They become more autonomous, more empowered and better informed. These values are all essential for patients to take back control and regain a meaningful life. Since the patient is at the heart of Triora’s treatment philosophy, Triora is willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve this. Today, e-health is the next essential step in doing just that. Triora chose Karify’s e-health platform to ensure high standards in its online service provision. This platform not only offers state-of-the-art e-health solutions but also perfectly fits with Triora’s international strategy and patient base.

Written by: Kevin Römer, Triora

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