Video calling in Karify: safe online communication in healthcare

Video calling

At Karify we believe that video calling is an essential part of digital self-care. However, it is crucial that this is executed in the right way: fully integrated into the patient’s file and eHealth platform.

By applying video calling into your therapy, you can safely and securely hold a session. This means increased efficiency, better access, and personalized care. Besides video calling, we offer communication functions like instant messaging, feedback, e-consult, real-time notifications and much more!

Highest level of comfort

In Karify, it’s up to you to decide when you would like to start a video conversation with your patient. You obviously do not want to be available all day and you probably do not want your clients calling you at each and every moment. From the comfort of your preferred setting, you can hold a session with your patient at any time and anywhere. By applying video calling into your clinic, you decrease travel commute and increase the level of privacy of your patients. Staying in touch with your patient has never been this easy!

In the Netherlands, we have successfully integrated video calling in eight major mental health care institutions and have received fantastic feedback!

Calling from a safe environment

The problem with Skype is that it registers with whom you called and when your last phone call was. Your patient can see when you have last logged in and if you are available.With digital health, it is important to set boundaries both for the patient and the psychologist. With us, we designed the video calling in such a way that the therapist stays in charge of the session.

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Satisfaction of user experience

Since users are at the heart of our Karify platform, we always aim for a smooth user experience. That is why our video calling feature has been developed based on real-time feedback of users. In short, the implementation of video calling means four significant benefits for you:


The video transmission takes place by means of a direct connection between your internet browser and the one of your patient and is controlled by the Karify system.


All you need is a device (mobile, laptop, PC) that is connected to the internet. There is no need to install any software, which is convenient for most organizations since they do not allow their employees downloading software.


The video calling feature has been set so you can continue your conversation even when your internet connection tends to weaken. The application adjusts the quality of the screen and makes sure the audio connection will keep going. You will never have to worry that the call might be disconnected abruptly.


Karify makes a log of all the conducted conversations. This way you are able to prove that the video calls actually took place so you can declare the collective hours like a regular therapy session.

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