Clarity Singapore implements Karify’s platform

We are excited to announce that by the beginning of October Clarity Singapore went live with Karify. Clarity Singapore is a Catholic charity that provides services to persons with mental health issues to live meaningful lives through support, therapy, acceptance, and recovery.

In collaboration with Karify, Clarity Singapore has come up with the MindHealth module, Singapore’s first online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based program. The program offers individualized therapeutic learning with professional therapist feedbacks. Through MindHealth, Clarity hopes to provide the community with an alternative self-help avenue for people struggling with mood disorders and also increase the availability of therapeutic mental health resources.

We talked with the Executive Director, Fred Cordeiro, of Clarity Singapore to discuss Karify and the latest eHealth developments:

Why did you decide to work with Karify?
“We were looking for an online system that is based on the CBT approach to use in our clinic. Fortunately, we remembered that Karify had contacted us some time ago and so we reconnected to figure out how the Karify platform works and how we could implement it in Singapore.”

What is, according to you, the added value of eHealth?
“The added value makes us more productive. To clarify, here in Singapore, in terms of counseling we do a lot of F2F sessions. With eHealth, we are able to provide the clients with an alternative to regular F2F sessions, namely video sessions from home. Furthermore, we are able to schedule in modules for our client on which they can work between the F2F sessions and/or video sessions. In overall, we save time and our counseling services become more efficient.”

What could be the biggest challenge of implementing Karify eHealth in your day-to-day counseling services?
“The biggest challenge for us is to make clients comfortable using eHealth tools, as eHealth in mental health & counseling is still new in Singapore. They have to learn to provide us with enough information in the modules and assignments which we schedule in for them so that we can then give them proper feedback online.”

Where do you see yourself in 2 years from now, in terms of eHealth usage?
“I think that eHealth will grow in the coming years. If you take a look at the global developments in terms of eHealth you can see more and more tools popping up, such as AI chatbots. In the future, I believe, we will have a more technology-driven lifestyle and at the same time, our lives will get busier. Therefore, digital solutions will be a time-saving tool for both, clients and counselor, which for instance will eliminate the need for clients to meet physically with their counselors. in general, I see Clarity using more eHealth tools in two years from now.”