Take advantage of waiting list time with an online intake module

Our newest module has just been released: it can be planned in before the intake interviews of your patients take place.

The intake module is designed to deliver a fast and efficient profile of the patient before the intake interview with a clinician. The clinician is provided with basic information about the persona and characteristics of the patient, saving valuable time during the intake interview and foster patient engagement.  This allows the clinician to explore other issues or dig deeper into the ones mentioned in the intake module by the patient. Moreover, during the intake interview, the clinician and patient can already discuss the goals of the patient, make a preliminary diagnosis and explain the treatment.

Research into effectiveness online intake

Currently, the intake program is being analysed as part of the PhD research project of Margot Metz, a psychologist at the Anxiety and Mood disorders department of a Dutch psychological clinic (GGZ Breburg).  The goal is to examine the effectiveness of the online intake, and more specifically the active role of the client in treatment, the working relationship between patient and clinician, and the influence on the decrease of symptoms. The study protocol is featured on our Research page and can be read here


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