General Regulation Data (AVG)

As a user of Karify you have all kinds of rights in the area of your data, described in the Dutch General Regulation Data (AVG). Karify cooperates in all ways to meet these rights.

Do you have questions about this? Contact Karify via to the Security Officer.

We offer you:

Right to Insight

You have the right to view your data stored in Karify.

Right to Change

You can request a change to your data stored in Karify. You can do this yourself for your account details, you can request this from your care provider for care details.

Right to Removal

You have the right to have your data removed from Karify. You can delete all your Karify data. This does not mean that the data that your healthcare provider has stored in other systems for the benefit of their service is also removed. You can submit a request to your healthcare provider for this.

Right to Transfer Data

You can submit a request to Karify to receive your data in a readable format.

Right to Information

You can request what Karify does with your data.

We strive to comply with your requests as soon as possible, at least within the legal term.