Security Data

Karify continuously invests in data security. We provide:

Secure Connection

Karify can only be accessed via the HTTPS protocol, secured by an SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption. This means that all communication to and from the Karify servers is encrypted, and a direct connection with the Karify servers is assured.

Secure Hosting

Karify works closely with our hosting partners in the field of security. Karify runs on a network that is designed to assure safety, availability, and reliability. The Karify network is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Secure Access

Access to Karify data is hermetically sealed from the outside world, through multiple firewalls and principles such as whitelisting and security by design – even when it comes to our network. Furthermore, monitoring and logging are part of our working method, we actively and passively monitor whether unusual activities take place in our network.

Safe Application

Karify is developed by a dedicated team, with quality and safety of paramount importance. We do everything within reasonable technical and commercial possibilities to store the data securely.

Safe Storage

Due to the nature of the data stored in Karify, this is handled very carefully. Karify automatically encrypts your data. The data is stored in an ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified data center.

Safe Office

The employees of Karify are trained in information security and work in accordance with the information security policy. Topics such as data security, hacking and social engineering are regularly discussed and evaluated. Information security is a continuous process.