Log in on Karify

How do I log in on Karify?

To log in on Karify you need an account. You have to receive an invitation from your healthcare institution to create a Karify account and be able to log in to their Healthspace. You can read more on how to open an account in this support article.

Log in

  1. Go to the Karify Healthspace of your healthcare institution. You can find this link on the website of the institution or you can ask your clinician.
  2. If you have already created a Karify account, you are ready to log in. Your username is your email address that you used to create the account, and you have chosen the password yourself when you created the account.

I cannot seem to log in

There can be multiple reasons for not being able to log in. Below we describe the most common ones:

Invalid credentials

This notification pops up when the username and password are incorrect. Remember that your username is your email address.

Have you forgotten your password? Click on Forgot your password? Fill in the email address you used to create your Karify account. If this email address is correct, a mail will be sent containing a link to change your password.

Your session has expired

If you see this notification, refresh the page and try again. A refresh usually solves this! Do you have other problem with logging in? Send a message to the Karify helpdesk.

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